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Brewers: Check Your Bright Tanks!

By November 30, 2018March 7th, 2022No Comments

Is there anything better than serving (or drinking) a draft beer straight from a bright tank? This is as fresh as the beer can get and it’s no wonder that many tap rooms across Illinois and the USA have moved to models where beer is served directly from the bright tank to the consumer. Not only is it extremely cost efficient, but incredibly delicious as well!

Bright tanks are generally equipped with a sight glass that allows the bartenders and brewers to monitor how much beer is left in the tank. An often-overlooked maintenance procedure involves checking the connection of the sight glass to the bright tank. Over time, the clamps and hoses can loosen, and seals can erode. This causes two major issues: oxygen contamination and in the worst-case scenario, major leakage.

Craft breweries have boomed in numbers from rarities to over 5,000 nationwide and insurance companies have rapidly evolved to keep up. Adding brewery specific endorsements and language to policies helps keep you protected. If you believe that your brewery has coverage for leakage, contamination, and/or spoilage, I encourage you to analyze your policy or speak with your broker to confirm exact policy language – especially if your business model depends on selling beer directly via bright tanks to tap room consumers. Since this direct serve model stores beer at the retail price, i.e., the highest possible value, the risk of loss can be substantial.

At DSP, we partner with a number of insurance carriers that offer incredibly comprehensive brewing and distribution insurance coverages. Additionally, our team has deep expertise in all aspects of the brewing process from sourcing, to production, to packaging, and distribution.

For questions about your current coverage or to evaluate your program as your business grows, please contact Taylor Virgil (