OSHA Compliance

So OSHA is at your door.  Are you ready?

OSHA says “I’m from the government and I am here to help”.  Now what?

DSP Safety Services has helped many customers through this painful process.  Call us and we will walk you through the process.

Here is a short list of what to do (this list is not all encompassing, but a good starting point)

  • Call DSP Safety Services
  • Ask that the compliance officer wait for representatives  from your office to walk the site
  • Cooperate with the OSHA CSHO
  • Photograph any part of the site that OSHA points out.  Take multiple pictures from multiple angles
  • Immediately correct any hazard noted in the presence of the OSHA CSHO that you are able
  • Collect records of all toolbox talks, training documents and jobsite or facility safety activities that had occurred prior to the inspection
  • Stop any process or actions that are unsafe until procedures can be created to address the uncontrolled hazard or hazards.

DSP Safety Services has gone with clients that have received OSHA citations to meet with local OSHA area directors in an informal conference.  DSP Safety Services can help you prepare for the meeting and train your workers to address any lack of training that OSHA may have noted.  DSP Safety Services can give you some comfort and confidence going into a difficult situation.