Directors & Officers

Whether public or private, a company’s directors and officers can be sued over their business decisions by any number of individuals.  That can be shareholders, employees, competitors, customers, suppliers, and even the government.  As leaders of your company you can be personally liable, and your personal assets may be exposed.   Directors and Officers liability insurance is specifically designed to help protect your company’s financial security as well as your own personal assets.

How DSP Can Help

  • Risk Analysis – annually to evaluate:
    • Public or private exposure to company officers and directors.
    • Operational changes including purchasing or selling subsidiaries.
    • Events that could create potential claims.
  • Market Evaluation of contracted carriers and specialty markets capable of handling the required exposures, coverages, territories and policy forms.
  • Risk Management Plan development to tailor coverages and forms to meet client needs.
  • Safety Initiatives review best practices by leading insurance companies to protect yourself before you have a claim.
  • Contract Review specialists make sure policies appropriately cover and adhere to insured contracts protecting clients’ interests.
  • Claims Management specialists assist with reporting and managing all claims.
  • Renewal Risk Analysis 90 to 120 days prior to renewal we meet with clients to begin a new risk analysis.