General Liability

General Liability Insurance provides coverage for damages a business owner becomes legally obligated to pay as a result of bodily injury, property damage, or personal or advertising injury.  A business owner’s exposure to such damages arises out of business operations including:

  • Premises owned, leased or otherwise occupied
  • Operations
  • Products
  • Completed Operations

How DSP Can Help

  • Risk Analysis – annually to evaluate:
    • Exposure classifications
    • Sales, payrolls or other rating updates
    • Operational changes
    • Recent losses
  • Market Evaluation of contracted carriers and specialty markets capable of handling the required exposures, coverages, territories and policy forms.
  • Risk Management Plan development to tailor coverage, forms and Safety Initiatives to meet client liability needs.
  • Safety Initiatives provided by our in-house safety engineer to include facility or operational evaluations and written safety program development.
  • Contract Review specialists make sure the insurance program appropriately covers and adheres to all construction and operational contracts with particular attention to requests for waivers of subrogation, additional insured forms and primary and noncontributory coverage.
  • Claims Management specialists assist clients with reporting and managing general liability claims to help reduce costs.
  • Renewal Risk Analysis 90 to 120 days prior to renewal we meet with clients to begin a new risk analysis.

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