Employee Benefits

Helping Employers Control Benefit Plan Costs, Improve Productivity and Educate Employees

Considering the investment you make when providing benefit programs for your employees—and the important role they play in attracting and retaining desirable personnel—it is essential to select a broker who will be an objective and strategic partner in helping you develop goals and options. Companies of all sizes, many with multi-state locations, have chosen DSP Insurance Services to advise them about:

  • Group medical plans
  • Flexible benefit programs
  • Group dental and vision plans
  • Employee wellness programs
  • Voluntary, employee-purchased products
  • Group life and disability insurance
  • Retirement plans

Equally important, DSP Insurance Services provides tools and information that enhance your ability to make sound plan decisions and manage your day-to-day human resources operation. They include:

  • Customizable Human Resource communication web portal
  • ERISA attorney on retainer
  • CPA firm on retainer
  • Employer benchmark studies by industry
  • Newsletter articles and payroll stuffers for employees
  • On-line access to COBRA, HIPAA, ERISA and FMLA compliance information
  • Links to Web sites addressing current human resource issues
  • Group and one-on-one employee meetings
  • Electronic employee enrollment

Analyzing your needs:

DSP Insurance Services will provide a complete analysis of your benefits program to determine how it relates to your total compensation program, compensation philosophy, employee needs and budget. Taking into consideration the diversity of your employee population, and the many demands for your employee benefit dollar, DSP Insurance Services will then help you formulate a plan that provides access to a wide variety of options that are affordable for you and your employees. When desired, we can also develop special compensation or benefit plans for your top executives.